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Openpilot Mini CC3D Flight Control Board

La controladora de vuelo OpenPilot Mini CC3D usada en infinidad de proyectos , demostrando su flexibilidad al poder usarse en tricópteros,quads fpv, hexas, octo y alas volantes. Proporciona un vuelo muy suave y estable gracias a su controlador STM de 32bits.

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Openpilot Mini CC3D Flight Control Board

This is the new Mini CC3D flight controller. It is about half the size of the regular CC3D but has the same functionality. The Mini CC3D board is an all-in-one stabilization hardware flight controller, which runs the OpenPilot firmware. It can fly any airframe from fixed wing to an octocopter and is configured and monitored using the powerful and user friendly OpenPilot Ground Control Station (GCS) software.

Using the powerful STM32 32-bit micro-controller gives you crisp handling characteristics when flying your flying tricopter, quad, hex, octocopter, and even fixed wing planes. The tiny size allows you to fit this on even the smallest frames.

Don’t be fooled by the size. Mini CC3D provides comparable functionality to other high-end flight controllers at a small fraction of the cost.

• About half the size of the regular OpenPilot CC3D, but with the same functionality.
• The CC3D provides a crisp feel when flying tricopters, quads, hexas, octocopters, and even fixed wing planes.
• Powerful STM32 32-bit micro-controller running at 90MIPs with 128KB Flash and 20KB RAM.
• 3-axis high-performance MEMs gyros and 3-axis high-performance MEMs accelerometer.
• 4 layer PCB for superior electrical noise reduction and flight performance.
• Software support for Windows, Mac and Linux.
• Direct high speed USB support with no drivers required.
• Spektrum satellite receiver support.
• Futaba S-BUS hardware support.
• Innovative Flexi-port technology for superior port flexibility.
• 4Mbits on-board EEPROM for configuration storage.
• This OpenPilot Mini CC3D board comes in a high quality, protective case. 
• Horizontal pin

Size: 28x21x9mm
Weight: 4g

Package includes:
1 x Mini CC3D Flight Controller
1 x Set of Cables