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Arduino Genesis JSumo - Tarjeta Controladora para Sumobot (Incluye Arduino NANO)

Génesis es una poderosa tarjeta controladora. Especializada en robots SUMOS. Incluye controlador de motores de hasta 3A.

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Génesis es la tarjeta mas poderosa "todo en uno" ya que te permite controlar todo tipo de robots. Solo mira las características que ofrece.



Genesis is the most powerful all in one board we’ve ever built for all types of robots. Just check out the features and you will find us right.

Our flagship board Genesis, includes Arduino Nano, powerful 3A motor drivers, 0,5 Ampere 5V regulator and complementary circuits for your robot project.

Technical Specs:

  • Vin: 8V – 24V (Max 28V)
  • Current at Idle: 5ma (All Board)
  • Motor Currents: Continous 2 Ampere x 2, Burst 3 Ampere x 2.
  • 5V Regulator Output Current: Maximum 1 Ampere
  • Built-in temperature, current and overvoltage shutdown circuits at motor controller ICs.
  • Built-in short circuit protection at power lines.
  • Just 98mm x 38mm x 18mm sized.
  • 4 Mount holes have 3,2 mm diameter, suitable for M3 sized screws.
  • Board weight is 33 grams.

Main Purposes of Genesis

  • Mini sumo robots (As usual)
  • Line Following Robots
  • Small – Middle size robots
  • Arduino Uno based robots (Arduino Uno & Nano models use samemicrocontroller)




If you want to use Arduino Nano at your robot project (Minisumo, line follower etc…). This board must be your first choice.Small size and high power in your hand.

With high-quality components and strong infrastructure; Genesis will be your favorite board.

Here how we connected Arduino Nano’s pins to mainboard. It will help you while you are programming. (By the way, we have ready made program)


Arduino Pins


Arduino Pins


D0 Empty D11 Right Motor PWM Channel (Speed Control)
D1 Empty D12 Left Motor Dir Channel (Direction Control)
D2 Empty D13 Right Motor Dir Channel (Direction Control), Arduino Nano Built-in Led
D3 Left Motor PWM Channel (Speed Control) A0 Empty
D4 Empty A1 Empty
D5 Dipswitch 1 Input A2 Empty
D6 Dipswitch 2 Input A3 Empty
D7 Dipswitch 3 Input A4 Empty
D8 Mode Led (Can be used for any purpose) A5 Empty
D9 Speaker (Can be used for any purpose) A6 Turn A6 Set Trimpot
D10 Start Module & Button Input A7 Speed A7 Set Trimpot


Thin Speaker

We didn’t use moderate speaker at Genesis. We chose the highest quality speaker for clear & loud sound. You can send output any tone by sending frequency to this speaker.

Start button and pin for mini sumo robot
Start Module Button & Input

At the board, it has one start button which is parallel connected to start module input pin. The board is fully compatible with start modules. When you push the button it send Logic 1 (5V) signal to Arduino Nano.

Mode Dipswitch


Genesis Board contains 3 pin dipswitch for total 8 start tactics (for mini sumo robots) Except mini sumo; the dip switch can be used for any purpose.

Genesis power and user led


Genesis contains 4 motor direction leds (2 Right, 2 Left), 1 Power led and 1 Mode Led. With indicator leds, you know the robot’s behavior easily.

Sensor Inputs / Outputs (8 Line)

Each sensor input has 3 pins (-,+,s) and clearly written name. You can plug female cables directly. Signal pins connected to Arduino Nano with small value series resistors for safety. You can connect up to 8 different control element to this pins.

micro trimpots for fine tuning
2 Trimpots for Fine Tuning

We added 2 Bourns SMD trimpots for fine tuning, onboard programming with your robot. They are directly connected to Arduino Nano’s analog pins (A6 – A7)

What is More? Why you should prefer Genesis?

SMPS Regulator + Capacitors

At the Genesis’s heart, we use 570 kHz high-speed switching mode regulator. With combined multilayer ceramic capacitors, electrolytic capacitors and tantalum capacitor, Board’s voltage output is pure 5V for adding sensors. Voltage Regulator also has short circuit protection. 

High Current Mosfet Drivers

Genesis uses 2 Mosfet driver for giving high current to motors. Thanks to modern MOSFET bridge design; power sent to motors have nearly zero loss. Each motor driver connected with 2 PWM channel. So in total Arduino Nano’s 2 PWM channel is used for controlling 2 dc motors up to 3 Ampere each.

On-Board Programming

We inspired from Japan sumo robots while creating that board. That robots use multiple trimpots for saving important variables for working program. Also Genesis includes 2 trimpots for same purpose. That trimpots directly connected to Arduino Nano’s analog pins (A6, A7). And for Mini sumo robot they serve as Idle Speed, Starting Turn Time, and Edge sensor seen Turn time changers. SPD: Idle Speed while not opponent seen, TRN: Starting Turn Time, Angle Trimpot.




Genesis Arduino Robot Controller

High performance robot controller for mini sumo robots, explorer robots and small, middle sized robots. Board is nearly bullet-proof with various short-circuit protection (please watch video for examples). For more information please click here: http://www.jsumo.com/genesis-arduino-robot-controller-board-with-arduino-nano and our robot kit in the video: http://www.jsumo.com/predator-mini-sumo-robot-kit-full-kit-not-assembled All parts can be bought seperately also.