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Waspmote Evaluator Kit Libelium

Waspmote Evaluator Kit

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Waspmote Evaluator Kit





Waspmote is an open source wireless sensor platform specially focused on the implementation of low consumption modes which allows the sensor nodes ("motes") to be completely autonomous, that is battery powered. Lifetime of Waspmote sensor nodes may go from 1 to 5 years depending on the duty cycle and the radio used.

Waspmote is based on a modular architecture. The idea is to integrate only the modules needed in each device optimizing costs. For this reason all the modules (radios, sensor boards, etc) plug in Waspmote through sockets.



This Kit includes the complete equipment for technology evaluation.

x4 Waspmote 802.15.4 PRO SMA 5 dBI (10mW for Europe and 63mW for International)
x1  Gateway 802.15.4 PRO SMA 5 dBI (10mW for Europe and 63mW for International)
x2 Gases BoardWaspmote
x4 Temperature, Humidity and Pressure sensor
x1 CO sensor
x1 CO2 sensor
x1 Air pollutants I sensor
x1 NO2 sensor
x2 Events Board
x1 Presence sensor (PIR)
x4 Luminosity LDR sensor
x1 Smart Cities Board
x1 Ultrasound sensor (indoor)
x1 Agriculture PRO Board
x1 Soil temperature sensor
x1 Soil moisture sensor
x1 Solar radiation sensor
x1 Weather Station WS-3000 (anemometer + wind vane + pluviometer)
x1 Prototyping Board
x1 GPRS + GPS Module
x1 4G Module. (You must choose the version for your area: Europe, America, Australia and Brazil).
x2 Expansion Radio Board Module
x1 Bluetooth module for device discovery PRO 5 dBi
x1 Waspmote RFID 13.56 MHz
x1 13.56 MHZ / NFC stickers (5 pack)
x1 WiFi PRO Onchip
x1 MicroSD 2Gb card pack (5 units)
x4 6600 mA/h rechargeable battery
x2 Rigid Solar Panel 7V – 500mA
x1 Attendee place at Libelium training course *
x1 Technical consultancy – 3 hours package

*: Please check our web site for training courses calendar

The total purchase value of the kit items separately is 5100+ €. When purchased as a kit, you save almost 35% on the retail price of these separate items. 

Note: This product includes the new generation Waspmote v1.5. If you have previous versions of sensor boards contact our Sales Department for Waspmote 1.2 units. To know more about the Waspmote versions take a look to this document.


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